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What are the applicable industries of COTS?

1、 Plastic machinery cot series.

1. Rubber and plastic cots are used for all kinds of machinery

2. Calendering cots are used for tape casting machine and calender

3. Film blowing rubber roller is used for film blowing machinery

4. Special cots are used for various purposes

2、 Industrial cot series.

2. Paper making cots are used in industry, ceramics, etc

3. Traction rubber roller is used for plastic pelletizer

4. Squeeze dry cots are used in steel mills or various industries

5. Application of steering rubber roller: conveying and traction

6. The conveying rubber roller is used for electric negotiation and conveying

7. Gusset cot: painting and polishing

8. Metallurgical cots are used in metallurgy, construction, coal mining and other industries

9. Purpose of pressing rubber roller: papermaking and printing

10. Paper making floating roller purpose: paper making

11. Application fields of rubber cots for mining machinery: mining, wharf, power plant and conveying equipment

12. Application of galvanized sheet rubber roller: suitable for all kinds of metallurgical machinery

13. Cold roll is used for hardware and hardware tools

14. Coating cots are used for coater

15. Pickling roller is used for pickling of wear-resistant, acid resistant and corrosion-resistant stainless steel

16. Leather cots are mainly used for printing machinery and transmission machinery

17. Woodworking machinery cots are mainly used for textile printing and dyeing, steel, color steel, metallurgy, building materials, coal mining, grain processing, chemical industry, papermaking, conveying drive, tanning, wood industry and other mechanical production equipment. It is characterized by high mechanical strength, good resilience, wide hardness range, good heat resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, wear resistance and swelling resistance.

18. Application of rice husker cot: grain processing

19. Application of coating roller: it can apply all coatings on metal plate and strip

20. Roller for producing aluminum plate, stainless steel plate and color steel plate purpose: building movable room, plant partition, ceiling, wall panel, roof panel, etc

21. Diffuse roller (not found)

22. The measuring roller is suitable for thickness control of stainless steel rolling

23. Roll for continuous rolling annealing production (not found)

24. Pinch roll is applicable to motor power:

3、 Printing cot series.

1. Film covered cots are used as special accessories for printing machinery

2. Iron printing rubber roller is used for iron printing machinery

3. Alcohol fountain cots are mainly used on printing presses

4. Gravure printing cots are mainly used on printing machines

5. Plastic color printing cots are mainly used on color printing machines

6. Purpose of heat transfer cot: pad printing machine

7. PS version cots are used on PS board

8. UV cots are widely used in various printing plants

9. Purpose of water roller: printing machinery and transmission machinery

10. Ink roller is used for printing and color printing

4、 Textile printing and dyeing cot series.

1. Printing and dyeing cots are used for the transportation of fabrics on printing and dyeing machinery, pad dyeing, alkali washing, pickling, water washing, bleaching, etc

2. Textile cots are widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, printing, printing, papermaking, metallurgy, transportation, plastics, leather, tobacco, pharmacy, wood industry, packaging machinery and equipment and other industrial machinery

3. Scope of application of squeeze roller: Industrial

4. Application of rubber roller of wire washing machine: suitable for printing, plastics, papermaking, dyeing and finishing, textile, etc

5. Rubber roller of re washing machine: not found

6. Cloth guide roller is used for printing machinery

7. Sizing roller application: widely used for sizing

8. Use of acid and alkali resistant cots: special accessories for printing machinery

9. Leather cots are used for leather machinery such as buffing machine, peeling machine, meat remover and water extruder

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