Basic introduction

Xiamen hongyangxin Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. was established in August 2007 with a registered capital of 30 million yuan, covering an area of more than 12000 square meters and more than 270 employees. Headquartered in Xiamen, a coastal city with beautiful scenery, the branch is located in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. Meanwhile, a new plant covering an area of 30 mu is under construction in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province. It is expected to be completed in 2022.

Products and application fields

Specializing in the production of rubber sealing products, including O-rings, flat gaskets, x-rings, y-rings, u-rings, diaphragms, coated copper parts, coated filters, rubber strips, rubber pipes and various customized products.

The products are widely used in the following fields:

① Water purification: water dispenser, water purifier, quick connector, filter element, RO membrane, RO booster pump, filter bottle, pressure reducing valve;

② Bathroom water heating: intelligent toilet, faucet, ceramic valve core, shower, hose, water tank accessories;

③ Automobile: ignition system, charging pile charging device, heavy truck container leg & axle;

④ New energy vehicles: AC and branch current charging guns and vehicle charging pile equipment?

⑤ Valve: water heating valve, gas valve, fire valve;

⑥ Medical equipment: minimally invasive surgical instruments, laparoscopic surgery puncture device;

⑦ Pipes: stainless steel pipe fittings, gas pipe, fire pipe, PP-R pipe, floor heating pipe, central water distribution system, PVC drainage pipe;

⑧ Instruments and meters: intelligent water meter, electricity meter, heat meter, gas meter;

⑨ Other categories: oil refueling equipment, household appliances, garden irrigation, mechanical equipment, water pumps, hydraulic and pneumatic fields.

Main rubber types:

NR (natural rubber), NBR (nitrile rubber), SBR (styrene butadiene rubber), EPDM

SIL, Cr, FKM, HNBR, FVMQ, ACM, AEM, ffkm, eco, IIR, etc.


  • Management Idea

    Management Idea

    Do the right thing, make the customer

    Change and innovation, harmonious team

    Realizing value and social responsibility

  • Sense of Worth

    Sense of Worth

    Honesty, passion, selflessness, responsibility, moderation, diligence and gratitude

  • Service Idea

    Service Idea

    When there is an emergency, we will respond with sincerity and detail、

    be consistent from beginning to end

    Mutual progress and win-win

  • Enterprise Vision

    Enterprise Vision

    Open up the sealing world

    Leading the industry in fine end

Customer achievement: committed to customer satisfaction and success, beyond customer expectations

Change and Innovation: be prepared for danger, take the initiative to change, be willing to innovate and keep pace with the times

Harmonious team: communication and mutual trust, empathy, self-improvement, sharing

Harmony but difference, unity and competition

People together is not a team, heart together is a team

Realize value: to create more value for customers is our biggest value

Social responsibility: continue to create a broader future for employees and continue to give back to the society

There is urgent must be: urgent customer needs, rapid response, pay attention to efficiency, solve problems

To be sincere and meticulous: to be honest and meticulous

Consistent: as always, never ending

Mutual progress and win win: mutual promotion and common development

Honor  Qualification

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