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Application of Cots

*Natural rubber roller

Excellent elasticity and mechanical strength, good alkali resistance, used in textile, paper leather, packaging and other equipment medium pressure tight rubber roller and metallurgy, mining and other industries traction rubber roller.

*Nitrile roller

It is also used in printing, printing, printing, chemical fiber, paper making, packaging, plastic processing and other occasions in contact with oil and fatty hydrocarbon solvents.

*Neoprene roller

Excellent wear resistance, high fire resistance, aging resistance, good heat resistance, oil resistance and acid alkali resistance, used in printing board corrosion machine, plastic, leather making, printing, food iron printing, ordinary coating machine and other equipment.

*Butyl roller

High chemical resistance solvent, good heat resistance (170 ℃), excellent acid and alkali resistance, suitable for color printing machinery, leather making machinery, coating equipment, etc.

*EPDM rubber roller

Excellent ozone aging resistance, weather resistance, wide temperature, can work for a long time at - 65 ℃ - 140 ℃, excellent insulation performance, used in plastic printing machinery, leather machinery, general fields.

*Polyurethane rubber roller

It has high mechanical strength and wear resistance, aging resistance and oil resistance, and is often used in paper making, chemical fiber, wood processing, plastic processing and other machinery.

*Silicone rubber roller

It is used for processing hot adhesive, plastic compound, corona treatment and other machines, and also used for sugar production and packaging roller and non-woven fabric manufacturing.

*Fluororubber roller

It has high heat resistance, oil resistance, acid alkali resistance and other properties, air permeability, electrical insulation, aging resistance, flame resistance and wear resistance, etc. it is also very good for special coating equipment.

*Carbon fiber roller

Light weight, high strength and high temperature resistance. It is applied to the special industries such as wide film.

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