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What is bakelite?

DMC is the abbreviation of "milk molding compounds", which means "mass molding compound". It is a new type of technical composite structural material, which has the advantages of light specific gravity, corrosion resistance, good insulation and more bright colors.

Specification and purpose:

Whether SMC or DMC can be prepared in a variety of colors according to user needs; The BMC (DMC) and SMC series plastics are ideal for producing all kinds of high, high and low voltage electrical insulation and shell components due to their excellent molding characteristics, reasonable formula, advanced technology, easy molding (pressing molding can be various molding processes such as injection molding or transfer molding), low molding shrinkage, high dimensional accuracy and good processing characteristics, Other large-scale electrical and mechanical strength requirements for the product selection of insulating panels and their products have excellent electrical insulation, heat resistance, flame retardancy and good mechanical strength. They are widely used in electronic and electrical appliances, automobile manufacturing, instruments and meters, sanitary ware and other industries, and gradually expand to other fields, It can be a plastic grade material suitable for injection molding and export packaging process with special requirements of high precision.

It can produce BMC (DMC) and SMC molds of various colors and models, and a special formula can be made according to the management needs of enterprise users. Students and users are welcome to choose our materials.

DMC can be divided into:

1. Normal type:

It has good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. Mainly used to replace metal plate, car, tractor fender, train carriage window frame, chair, coffee table, driving warehouse, sanitary ware, anti-corrosion lamp, lamp holder, etc.

2. Electrical type:

It has the characteristics of good development of mechanical system performance, electrical insulation, arc resistance technology and anti-static, and the product design appearance is very beautiful. It can be widely used in argon arc cover, argon arc sheet, junction box, main components of high and low voltage electrical appliances, insulating structural parts and anti-static materials, and can be used to improve the quality of coal mine, textile and other industries.

3. High strength type:

It has higher mechanical strength than ordinary type and better electrical performance. It is mainly used for automobile bumpers, bridges, door beams, tool handles, helmets and structural parts with high mechanical strength.

4. Corrosion resistant type:

It has a safety performance of resisting acid, alkali solution and other related chemicals. It is widely used in corrosion-resistant valves, pipe joints, blades, pipes, acid or basic battery boxes, etc.

5. Daily use:

It can be in direct contact with food and daily necessities. It is safe, non-toxic and tasteless. It can be used in turnover box, storage box and frozen fish box.

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