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Significance of using multiple rubbers in rubber products

Rubber products are widely used in various occasions. Sometimes a single kind of rubber can not meet the needs of products. In order to obtain more performance, a variety of rubber or recycled rubber and plastics are generally used. For example, tires, tapes and seals are made of rubber and materials, and their performance is better than that of a single kind of rubber, So what is the significance of using rubber in addition to improving product performance?

1. Use rubber together to improve product performance

There are many kinds of rubbers with different properties, such as excellent oil resistance of nitrile rubber / reclaimed rubber, good air tightness of butyl rubber / reclaimed rubber and good weather resistance of ethylene propylene rubber / reclaimed rubber. Now, in order to meet the needs of various rubber products, one or more rubbers are often used together to make the performance of rubber products meet the needs.

Styrene butadiene rubber is a kind of synthetic rubber with good performance and is widely used, but its tear strength is low and its dynamic flexure resistance is poor. It is often used with natural rubber or latex reclaimed rubber hy7s12j2l-mxf to improve the tear strength and flexure resistance of rubber products.

The combination of rubber and plastic can not only learn from each other, but also exceed the original properties of the initial mixed materials. For example, NBR and PVC all have weather aging resistance, and the weather aging resistance after use exceeds their original properties.

2. Rubber blending can improve the process performance of rubber compound

Some kinds of rubber have poor processability and are not easy to mix. If they are combined with other easily processable rubber, their processability can be improved. For example, CIS polybutadiene rubber has good service performance, but poor process performance. It is easy to take off the roll and loose pocket during mixing. Its processability can be improved after being used together with natural rubber or styrene butadiene rubber.

3. Use rubber together to reduce cost

Natural rubber is expensive and unstable. The price of synthetic rubber is generally lower than that of natural rubber; The price of reclaimed rubber is also low. It is a rubber with certain plasticity and can be reused; The price of plastics is lower and resources are abundant. The combination of synthetic rubber, recycled rubber and plastics can significantly reduce the production cost.

The combination of rubber / rubber and rubber / plastic can improve the processing technology, improve the production efficiency, improve the performance of rubber products and reduce the production cost. However, in actual production, it should be noted that not all rubbers can be used together. Judge whether they have good compatibility, dispersion, CO vulcanization and chemical reaction according to the type of rubber.

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