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What are the good ways to remove the smell of rubber

Around us, many products are made of rubber. The rubber itself has no taste, but when making, adding other additives will cause the rubber to emit an unpleasant smell. Some tastes are more exciting. If we put it indoors, we need to pay attention to the impact on our body. Is there any good way to remove the smell of rubber?

1、 What are the good ways to remove the smell of rubber

1. If the rubber taste is heavy, the original method can be adopted, and the most economical is ventilation. The concentration of indoor rubber smell can be quickly reduced through air circulation. The ventilation time should be at least more than one month to ensure fresh air.

2. You can also use tea. For example, you can choose black tea, soak it in water, pour it into a basin and put it indoors directly. At the same time, open the window for ventilation, so that you can absorb the irritating smell of rubber in the room, and you won't smell it in the later stage.

3. Adopt the method of planting potted plants. Some Chlorophytum or aloe can be raised indoors. Because these plants have the function of adsorbing indoor polluted air, they can remove the smell of rubber. And these plants are easy to feed and do not need careful care.

2、 Are rubber products poisonous

1. Many products are made of rubber, such as some rubber tires or children's toys. Rubber is not poisonous, but if vulcanization occurs, it will produce toxic gas, and you can smell a very strong smell of rubber. With vulcanization, such as sulfur monoxide and sulfur dioxide, these gases will be harmful to human body. Because there are carcinogenic components, they should be less exposed.

2. This sulfide will stimulate our respiratory tract and eye mucosa, resulting in headache, dizziness and weakness.

If there are some rubber products in the room, we need to pay attention to the ventilation effect after we buy them home. At the same time, we can also smell whether there are some pungent smell. If the taste is strong, this rubber product had better not be taken home.

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